We've searched high and low all across the Hudson Valley and think we've found some of the best locations to sneak a kiss.

No matter what time of year it is doing something romantic for your significant other is something we should all do more often. Now I'm not talking about spending thousands of dollars on them with jewelry or vacations or anything like that.

I'm talking about something on a way smaller scale that will send "shock waves" up and down your significant other's body!! Here's what to do, next time you and your special someone are driving around the Hudson Valley, why not simply pull off to one of the locations listed below a sneak a kiss?

I know that back when I was younger and I wanted to have a "make-out" session I would always drive to a specific location to get the sparks flying!!! Growing up in the small town of Windham in the Catskill's one of the more popular places was "Point Lookout".

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's the one spot in the Catskill's that on a clear day you can see five states from the parking area and on a summer night, there would be a ton of cars with people in it doing the same thing as us....LOL!

Before you start scrolling below, think about the places you would go when you were younger for a make-out session. If the "spot" didn't make our list make sure you send a text through the Wolf country app so we can try and add it. If you happen to have a picture send that to us as well.

Happy kissing.....

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