The Hudson Valley has a bunch of cute and upcoming towns. Some have safer options than others.

Do you ever consider the area or neighborhood before moving to a new place? Usually, we go by word of mouth but it also helps to do research of our own. It helps to know people who have lived in that desired area.

Imagine living in one of the top safest towns in America and not even knowing it? This is how residents must feel in this Orange County town.

The Village of Montgomery was nominated as part of the Top 100 Safest Small Villages and Towns in America in 2019.

Montgomery is something that looks like it could be in a Hallmark movie setting. From friendly locals to neighborhood hangouts and welcoming businesses, it truly is a beautiful place to visit.

Here's what you can experience in the Village of Montgomery.

Ward's Bridge Inn

135 Ward St, Montgomery NY 12549


This fine dining style restaurant is well known for their delicious food, friendly staff and mouth watering desserts. The rustic tavern setting sets a relaxing ambiance and provides a comfortable space. My favorite dessert is the rainbow cookie cake, be sure to try it next time that you're in.

Take a look at the menu here.

Astoria Hudson

84 Clinton St, Montgomery NY 12549

Clothing on hanger at the modern shop boutique

Everything from this locally own boutique is absolutely stunning. It has has something for everyone. From dresses to skirts, accessories and water bottles, I could spend all day shopping in this one spot. Be sure to stop in and check out these Instagram worthy outfits.

Take a look at their shop here.

Jaclyn Rose Studios and Skincare

105 Ward St, Montgomery NY 12549


Have you ever had an award winning facial? These luxury beauty suites offer endless amounts of ways to truly pamper yourself. I've had the pleasure of watching this small business grow and bring more opportunities to the Hudson Valley. Be sure to try their Oxygen Facial and Sauna Pod to start off your day there.

Find out more here.

Java Blue Coffee & Market

8 Union St, Montgomery NY 12549


This locally owned coffee shop sits right in the heart of the village of Montgomery. This provides a perfect experience to walk around on the sidewalks, check out local businesses, stop into the library and learn about the history of this town. Java Blue takes pride in finding the highest quality of coffee beans. They offer one of a kind coffee, sandwiches, soups and more.

Take a look at their menu here.

Have you ever been to Sleepy Hollow before? The Village of Sleepy Hollow  is also on the list of the 15 New York towns that are the safest. If you live in or near any of these towns, it's safe to say you can consider yourself lucky.

What is your favorite town or village within the Hudson Valley? We would love to hear from you below.

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