I recently turned some leftover prime rib into the most amazing soup. I credit my slow cooker with all the work. All I did was throw everything into the pot and walk away. Soup is the perfect winter food, but can also be hard to make at home.

No one says you have to make your own soup. If you're like me, you aren't a fan of the can, but you love soup. I have a suggestion on how to have amazing soup all year long. If you've got the time and you have got a recipe, I say go for it! Make your own soup. But If you are like me, with no time and no culinary talent, then I say get your fresh soup to-go. That's right, don't be afraid to order soup as take-out. Soup can be what you order for takeout instead of pizza or Chinese.

Next time you are at your favorite restaurant, check out their soup choices. Chances are, in this day and age of COVID, your favorite place offers take-out. So now it is easy when you want soup. Just order from your favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant and if it makes it feel homier, reheat it in the Crock-Pot.

It took me a while to realize that if you like food from a certain place, you don't have to actually eat it there. For instance, you can buy popcorn at a movie theatre without going to a movie. So why not have chef fresh-made soup while sitting on the couch? Trust me, you will start ordering your soup from your favorite restaurant instead of buying it in a can at the grocery. There will be no turning back.

Let us know what restaurants we should add to the list.

Mouth Watering Soups to Go From Hudson Valley Restaurant

No one really likes canned soup. Homemade and fresh is so much better but who has the time to make soup? Turns out your favorite restaurant in the Hudson Valley does, so why not have theirs the next time you want soup. You don't have to eat it there you can get soup and a treat to eat with it to go. Next time it's takeout night skip the pizza and Chinese go for a soup and a side.


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