Over the past couple of months, we have heard about some of our favorite small businesses shutting down or temporarily closing their doors.

With the uncertainty of the current times that we are in, this news didn't come to us as a surprise. With the hopes that they would reopen, it's important to pass along the good news.

Locally owned restaurants have not only gained our attention and taste buds but most importantly our hearts. Dining in at small businesses has a different feeling to it. Being able to enjoy a homemade meal in one of your favorite towns while supporting local restaurants is what it's like to be a part of the community.

This Hudson Valley restaurant will be reopening

An Orange County restaurant has made the decision to reopen their doors. Locals were excited to hear that The Table in Montgomery, New York is back in action. Their reopening date was January 14, 2022. They made this public announcement on their Facebook page.

Located in one of the most historic villages in Orange County, The Table is in the Historic National Hotel Building on the same street as other locally owned, inspiring businesses. 

With their return, be sure to visit them for lunch, dinner and brunch. They have options for everyone, including a kids menu. The Table is also offering ready to go cocktails as well.

Check out these cocktails with the funniest names

Next time that you pickup an order or dine in, grab one of these. I would like to try, Bend Me Over At The Gas Pump which consists of vodka, triple sec, blood orange puree and lime. Also, their Thank You For Being a Friend reminds me of Betty White and I'm assuming is related to a tribute to her, so that would have to be my second option.

Click here to view the list.

The Table

73 Clinton St, Montgomery NY 12549

845 769 5625

You can email or call for reservations. 


Click here to see other businesses that have closed their doors. I will update when those reopen as well.

Where have you dined out recently that you really enjoyed? Share with us below.

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