Did someone really say protein and donuts in the same sentence? This sounds Heavenly to me.

More than ever, we have become aware of what ingredients are in our food.

We're interested in what foods we are eating and where they come from. Preferably, we tend to choose healthier alternatives, organic options, and things that fuel us from the inside out.

Protein bars, powder, and snacks have really taken over the shelves at grocery stores and local health food spots. For myself, I tend to eat a lot of protein throughout my day and make sure that I properly burn it off as well.

As we have said goodbye to Hudson Valley businesses, we welcome in new ones with open arms.


It always brings a smile to my face when I see new businesses, restaurants, and locally owned establishments opening up in the Hudson Valley. We can show our support to the businesses within the community. 

My friend recently told me about this smoothie and juice bar located in Orange County. She also said how they have refreshing drinks, protein coffee, and most importantly, protein donuts.

Let's just say that I haven't had the opportunity to go there yet but I know when I do, I will be leaving with a lot of donuts and might not share with others. 

Where can you get protein donuts?

Anastacia Faso
Anastacia Faso

On Set Nutrition is located in Walden, New York. They are health and nutrition inspired to bring the best quality options to their customers. 

On Set Nutrition also has fun names for their edible items. I noticed that one refresher is called, "Boss Babe" with other ones named, "Glam Refresher" and "Mega Refresher".

It's neat that they also have options, where you can make your own drinks at home with their ingredients. Their drink and food options have vitamins and minerals in them.

What else is on their menu?


Take a look at their menu here.

You can also glance at their hours of operation by clicking here.

You can also place menu requests here.

On Set Nutrition

86 W Main Street, Walden NY 12586

Have you ever had protein donuts before? If not, will you try them? Share with us below.

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