Here is something to think about this weekend that you might not have known about, Saturday is National Pet Day. Every year on April 11th according to the National Days Calendar we should celebrate our pets and I think this can include Chia Pets and pet rocks.

Let's face it our pets maybe the only thing keeping us sane right now. They have been patient with us taking over their space the last few weeks. They have probably forgone a nap or two because we are kicking around the house.They are probably more deserving than ever this weekend of some extra attention.

So whether you have a fur baby or a lizard this Saturday you are being asked to celebrate the pet or pets you have and consider helping the pets who are waiting on a human to offer them a home. Along with all of the things suggested by the National Days folks they are asking that you consider a donation to a local shelter to honor your pet.

They also suggested you check your pets toys and remove ones that have become unsafe. Plus check your pets vaccination records and make sure they are up to date. My person favorite is to check you pets collar to be sure the tags are all there so that you could be contacted if they go missing.

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