It starts today and it's a fun way to spend time outside. Summer is one of the most magical times of the year and it's a beautiful season here in the Hudson Valley. Everyone tries to enjoy time outside, but if you have kids it can be difficult to keep them entertained. One local library is hosting themed days and it's a great way to provide families with some fun.


What is going on at a local Hudson Valley library?

According to the East Fishkill Community Library, they are hosting an event called 'Sidewalk Chalk Days' and it sounds pretty cool. Chalk is going to be left outside for a period of time and people are encouraged to create art with it. Library officials mentioned that everyone will be able to admire the art as they walk into the library. How cute and fun.

When will the 'Sidewalk Chalk Days' at the East Fishkill library happen?

It starts today (Tuesday July 12th) and will also happen on Wednesday July 13th. Plenty of time to head down there and have some fun.

I've been to the East Fishkill Community Library a few times and it's a very cute place to visit. I'm going to try to head down there and check out some of the art and maybe even draw something of my own. If you go, have fun and send us a picture of your art on the station app.

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