When it comes to spooky season here in the Hudson Valley, there's no shortage of events, activities and Halloween fun to be had.  It is important, though, to remember spooky season safety to be sure that you and your Halloween crew stay safe.  Here's a list of some things you may not have thought about when getting the crew (little ones and big kids too) ready to celebrate.

Halloween Tips From A Local Eye Doctor

A Hudson Valley based optometry practice, Southern Dutchess Eye Care in Fishkill, shared  in an email some Halloween eye safety tips that people probably wouldn't regularly think about.  When it comes to costume contact lenses, there's a big risk of infection, eye sores, even in some cases vision loss.  When you order these types of costume lenses, they aren't properly fitted to your specific pupil size, and so there is risk associated with putting them in your eyes.

They go on to detail that only contact lenses prescribed by your eye doctor can be considered safe to wear, and those that are purchased, or obtained without a doctor's prescription can even be considered 'illegal with potential for harm.' Additional details about decorative contact lenses and halloween eye safety can be found here.


Things To Remember From The Department of State

The New York Department of State has shared a lengthy list of things to keep in mind to keep your kids safe this Halloween season.  Some of the more uncommon ones to think about can be found here:

  • Fire Safety
    • be sure that your kids happen costumes are flame-resistant, paying close attention to artificial beards, wigs, and even masks when coming close to open flames or fire sources
    • be careful not to overload extension cords with Halloween decorations
    • be mindful of putting real candles in your carved pumpkins, and how close they get to materials or fabric
  • Choking and Ingestion
    • stay away from costumes or even accessories that go into kids' mouths - not only are there choking hazards but some of the materials could contain lead
    • be sure to check candy before allowing kids to dive into their loot, not only being mindful of any tampering, but for potential allergies as well

The State Department also has suggestions for trip hazards and potential injuries, as well as safe trick-or-treat tips - the comprehensive guide is available here.

Still getting in the spirit? Here's a surprising list of what NY state prefers when it comes to their favorite candy, and some family-friendly ideas on how to celebrate the holiday here in the Hudson Valley.

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