A restaurant in the Hudson Valley was listed among a few other eateries "you have to visit in New York before you die."

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Ship to Shore in Kingston was honored by Only In Your State as being one of the "15 Best Restaurants For Foodies In New York State."

Ship to Shore opened up in the heart of Kingston's historic waterfront in 1998, according to the eatery's Facebook.

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Chef Samir Hirchi, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, cooks with "the freshest local ingredients available." The restaurant dry-age steaks in-house and hand-cut the steaks daily while also cooking up sustainable fish.

"Samir has carefully selected ingredients indigenous to the Hudson Valley by researching and using local vendors and farming establishments. At its core, Ship to Shore is a take on an American Bistro with the big, bold flavors of the Mediterranean and Asia paired with a NYC-style Steakhouse," Ship to Shore states on its website.

Ship to Shore introduces a new menu, cocktail list and wine list each new season.

"We believe that consistent change while maintaining a strong commitment to our original vision of simplicity allows us to keep growing our brand," Ship to Shore writes on its website.

There are many eateries in the Hudson Valley that have received some high praise recently. Including Scatzi's and Rossi's

Buzzfeed placed the Scatzi's Burger 13th on its list of "21 Juicy Burgers That Will Ruin You For All Other Burgers."

"A burger at Schatzi is a special treat, because not only does it have 8 ounces of LaFrieda blended burger meat, it also has crispy pork belly, melted cheddar, potato, green onion rosti, Schatzi sauce, and is all sitting between two beautiful toasted pretzel buns," Buzzfeed wrote about the Scatzi's Burger.

In 2019, Buzzfeed named Rosticceria Rossi & Sons deli the "Best Sandwich Spot" in New York. Years prior, Buzzfeed said the deli, near Marist College, was one of 16 College Town Foods Worth Skipping Class For.

Nearly 30 eateries recently opened in the Hudson Valley. Sadly, almost 40 eateries have closed down in the past year. You can see the full list of closings and openings below.

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