Have an older boat that you'd like to give new life too? This is a great way to do it.

We have some amazing organizations all across the Hudson Valley that feature some of our great history. We have monuments, gardens, mansions and of course museums and one of those museums could use our help according to News 10.

The Hudson River Maritime Museum located in Kingston, New York, is asking anyone that might be interested in making a boat donation, to do it now if possible. The museum will use boat donations in a few different ways depending on the condition and type of vessel that is donated. Vessel's could be used during classes at their wooden boat school to teach kids and adults traditional woodworking skills with boats.

Vessels could also be used to help in the museums Riverport Sailing and Rowing School that was launched back in 2017 when over a dozen sailboats and safety boats were donated by residents. The school provides kids and adults in the Hudson Valley with an education in sailing and rowing on the Hudson River.

If a boat is in great condition and can't be used to help with any of the programs the museum offers, they could be sold, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the museum’s educational programs.

Anyone that is interested in making a hassle-free, tax deductible, boat donation can fill out an electronic donation form that is available on the museum’s website here. Once its completed, a representative from the museum will be in touch to set things up.

If you've never been, the Hudson River Maritime Museum shows off the maritime history of the Hudson River, including amazing collections that document maritime transportation, industry, recreation, and more.

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