So you are indoors and thinking about reducing your expenses, could that include an electric car? Yes, gas prices right now are at a low level (April 2020) but will that last? Probably not.

If you are thinking about an electric car keep in mind that most cars will need to be charged every few hundred miles. This need for charging leads to the question of 'Where will I charge?' But it really isn't a good reason to send you into a panic, just yet.

If you already have an electric car you might know about this website, PlugShare is a website where people can share information about charging stations that they have come across during their own travels. The charging locations on their maps are either high power stations, public stations or ones that are owned by people who are willing to share with other fellow electric car owners.

There is also an app, called ChargePoint, available for Apple and Android, which can help you find charging stations, start your charging session, check the status of your charging session or even keep track of how many times and when you charged.

Have you seen charging stations here in the Hudson Valley? There are quite a few in Rhinebeck. Care to share with us where you found them? Plus, with more and more people using the available charging stations, do you find that people are leaving their cars to charge and then walking away, coming back a few hours later, when the spot could have been also used to charge another car?

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