Have you ever thought that your dog would make a good therapy dog? Keep in mind that a therapy dog is different than a service dog. A service dog is specially trained to help their owner and must be allowed everywhere. A therapy dog is used to comfort people in different situations like hospitals and airports. Therapy dogs can also help many people where a service dog is usually just helping its owner.

Here are a few traits that make a good therapy dog, from Hudson Valley Paws For a Cause:

  • A dog that remains calm while being petted
  • A dog that does not mind being touched by strangers
  • A dog that does not react to strange noises or smells
  • A dog that walks comfortably on a leash
  • A dog that is up to date on all vaccinations and is in good general health

Do you want more information on how to certify your dog as a therapy dog? Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley that offer training info or classes:

Do you think that your dog is the most special in the entire universe? Is your dog a rescue? Do you have a rescue organization that you wish to share with us? As pet lovers we are always looking to salute organizations that are doing their part to help out these little guys that just need love and a safe home.

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