Does this look like the opening line to a bad joke? How many beers does it generally take for you to start feeling a little buzzed? Drinking in moderation can be a fun way to relax or blow off some steam built up from work all week. Of course, it's going to vary from person to person, but how about by state? Do some states like to throw back a few more than other states?

A website called decided to throw together a study to find out which state has the highest beer tolerance. says the data was gathered using questions such as; How many 4.5% alcohol by volume beers does it take for you to start feeling drunk?. If you can knock back several IPAs or stouts that are about 7% and not feel much, then you're just a different caliber.

Are New Yorkers Lightweights? 

For New York, we came in at 3.22, simply meaning that's the average number of beers it takes the average New Yorker to get drunk. Does that seem a little low? The national average is 3.45. Arizona was number one at 4.04 beers, Michigan second at 4.02, and Maine and Wisconsin tied for third at 3.88.

What state has the most amount of lightweights? According to the survey, Hawaii at 2.71. Of course, keep in mind we don't know exactly who from each state was surveyed or anything about them; such as age, education, economic background, etc. This is a VERY unscientific survey.


Janet Koelling
Janet Koelling

How Many Towns in New York State Are Dry (Do Not Dell Alcohol)?

Kind of hard to believe there are still towns that hold on to old Prohibition-era laws in the year 2022. But they still do exist in some areas across the state. According to a state database's last update, there are at least seven towns in New York state that are still completely dry. You might need Google Maps open to actually find some of these towns, for they are pretty small.

A New York Town Repeals An 86-Year-Old Law

One town outside of Albany only repealed its dry laws as recently as November 2019. The Washington County town of Argyle finally voted that year to repeal an alcohol ban that stretched all the way back to 1933. That wasn't even their first attempt to repeal the old law either. Residents in Argyle had previously attempted to repeal the ban 11 separate times, with the most recent vote before 2019 back in 2000. For many years, the town of 3,700 sold no alcohol in any of its stores, restaurants, or bars. Nothing.

New York's Dry Towns

So where are the other dry towns? The database lists the towns of Caneadea, Clymer, Lapeer, Orwell, Fremont, and Jasper as being completely dry. The town of Berkshire is also still listed, though says that they may have loosened some of its laws in recent years. The database also lists about 45 other towns that have partial bans (or, partially dry), where alcohol may be served at restaurants, but perhaps not sold in stores, or vice versa.

The last town to overturn a complete ban was actually Neversink in 2015.

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