This year the O+ (O Positive) festival celebrates its 11th year. But like so many organizations, coronavirus has prevented them from holding any festivals this year, so fundraising has not been easy. Let me tell you a little bit about O+.

The O+ Festival was born when a group of health care providers, musicians, and artists came together to care for each other and the community. Musicians and artists donate their time and talents to the community, and in return they receive health care from the health care providers, something that is not always readily available or affordable to artists. The community makes out and the artists make out. It’s a win/win situation. And it’s been so successful that there were O+ festivals being held in different cities throughout the country.

Of course, this year is different. There have been various wellness programming efforts such as Narcan training, mural art shows in and around Kingston, a covid hotline, and a few others, but no festivals.

You may ask if there is any way you can help to support this great mission and keep it going. Glad you asked. In honor of its 11th year, O+ is asking for contributions of just $11. If everybody donates just $11, it could help O+ reach their year end goal of $11,000. Just $11 from you can help ensure the future of O+, extend exchange beyond the festival, and create opportunities for musicians and artists.

If you would like to be part of helping out the community, and the artists and musicians in the community, visit the O+ Festival website, and thank you.


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