Thank you for providing us with a great place to shop in the Hudson Valley. It's always a bummer when a local place has to go out of business, especially one that is so beloved by its customers and the community.

Shopping local is a huge motto here in the Hudson Valley and people are more likely to shop at a family-owned store here compared to a huge chain. One charming and greatly loved business officially closed its doors for good and there are a lot of feelings about it.

What business closed down in Hopewell Junction?

Hopewell Antique Center Facebook
Hopewell Antique Center Facebook

Ugh. It's a really beautiful building and it will be a shame to see it empty. The Hopewell Antique Center located at 876 Route 82 right in Hopewell Junction officially CLOSED its doors for business. It's going to be very odd to not see any cars there anymore.

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More information on the Hopewell Antique Center:

Last month, it was announced that the store was closing down, but the closing date was a little iffy. The building was reportedly sold and vendors had this past month to try to sell as much as they could. Sadly, the business closed its doors, but they put out a special Facebook Post thanking Hudson Valley residents for shopping there:

"The Hopewell Antique Center is now officially closed. We sincerely appreciate your patronage over the past 40 years! Thank you."

Of course, many comments on the post were from residents who were upset, sad, and shocked that the business is now closed. We'll stay positive for them, good luck to all of the vendors and we wish you tons of success with your new adventure.

Ugh, more empty buildings in the Hudson's an interesting one in Tuxedo and a spooky empty hotel in Lake George:

The Abandoned Red Apple Rest in Tuxedo, New York

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Abandoned Ramada Hotel in Lake George is Eerie as Hell

According to the description, this video was taken in the summer of 2021. It claims to be of the former Ramada Hotel in Lake George, although a couple different hotels/motels have sported the Ramada name over the years, it's not clear which one this is. Looking back at some property transactions, it may be a Ramada that eventually become known as the Lake View Inn and Conference Center, located on Route 9N off Northway exit 21. Since no footage looks to have been taken around the building, it's difficult to confirm that. The last photo taken by Google Maps has the road leading to the hotel roped off, so more than likely it's the same place. Perhaps some locals or former guests may recognize the property?

Still, some pretty interesting finds as the explorers take us on a tour of the hotel. It appears all the remaining items in the rooms were pushed out into the parking lot. Old TV's, mattresses, bedding and vending machines line the hotel in the parking lot in a large junk pile.

Inside, the sun room had clearly seen better days - that may have been a restaurant. We can also see a bathroom (urinals) and what appears to be the kitchen. The first floor looks to have been almost completely gutted, so maybe there are plans for this place?

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.


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