You know what 9-1-1 is for, right? Emergency's. You probably know what 4-1-1, is for too, right? Information? But most probably open up their smart phone and ask "the Google" or whatever search engine is their favorite at that moment. 

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But when do you need to call 8-1-1 in New York State?

Homeowners, this is super important, especially if you consider yourself someone who is a 'Do It Yourselfer."

8-1-1 is the number for "Dig Safely New York." This is the phone number that you will need to call before you decide to dig up a part of your yard, or say you want to dig a hole for a new mailbox, or a fence post, or even a big tree, if you are going to dig more then planting a flower, you are going to want to call them.

How far in advance do I need to call 8-1-1?

A couple of things, 'How Far in Advance Do You Need to Call?' Think about this, they need the time to get you on the schedule and get out to your house, so they (811) asks that you give them at least two business days. So, if you know you want to be working on your project over the weekend, call them early in the week (for instance).

So, my yard has been marked by 811? How long do I have to do my project?

Ok, they have come out and marked the lines for electric, gas and sewer, how long are those markings considered accurate? That is an awesome question. They are considered accurate for two weeks from the time the markings have been made. After that, you would need to call again and re-request them to come out and mark the lines again.

Have you ever started a project and realized too late that you should've had them come out and mark the lines?

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