It is where 300 years of Hudson Valley history meets the technology of 2020. It is where you can learn about local history and take in some eerie tales. It is fun for all ages and you are going to want to share it with your friends. It is the Haunted Huguenot Street app walking tour.

Historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz is one of the Hudson Valley's most fascinating places to experience some of the earliest settlers in the region. It is also a great back drop for folk lore and eerie tales from the past. You don't have to take my word for it you can simply sign enjoy the new tour app that is up and running at Huguenot Street.

Huguenot Street has debut an app tour and scavenger hunt in place of their popular Haunted tours. They want to keep the tradition going but need to provide social distancing so the past meets the present in this cool new way to experience Huguenot Street during Halloween.

Just like the actual tour of years past they will take you on a chilling journey through the street of the historic district. It engages you with story telling and is meant to be experienced as you walk the streets but you can also chose to enjoy the tour from your own living room simply by down loading the app. Their is a map, clues and photos to guide you along the journey.

If you already have the app but don't see the tour they suggest you go into settings and check for updates. If you don't have the app you can access it on the App store and Google Play for a small fee of $4.99. You can also find out more at

Huguenot Street French Church and Cemetery

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