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Southbound commuters on the New York State Thruway were in for a bit of surprise Tuesday morning, when a large spill of hay was reported on the road near an overpass. The spill backed up traffic for hours, according to reports. Rockland Fire had posted on their Facebook page that there had been reports of a brush fire in the area, and that both the South Spring Valley and Tallman Fire Departments had been dispatched. Well, it wasn't just a brush fire that may have been averting traffic that day. There was hay. A LOT of hay all over the damn road.

According to officials, a truck carrying the hay had struck an overpass and spilled out all over the road. The Rockland Report posted the pics of the spill on their Facebook page, and told drivers to expect delays. Their post also says that the NY State Police were also on the scene to assist. If you go to their page above, you'll see the pics of the accident in their post. It's quite a mess.

It's been a bit of a strange start to 2021 for travelers on the New York State thruway. Just after New Years, police reported that a naked man had stopped his car in the center of the road, got out, and then proceeded to punch cars. It is not yet clear what sparked this series of events, though we do not know if the vehicles he hit were stopped in traffic or moving. Otherwise, he'd have to have some awfully quick reflexes to throw a punch at a car passing at 70 M.P.H.. Ironically, both stories were near the vicinity of Airmont in Rockland County.

Not quite as bizarre though as what transpired on I-287 back in June 2016. NBC NY reported that a truck carrying deli meat collided with another truck carrying bread on the southbound side in Piscataway that morning. Luckily, the collision didn't result in any injuries, though the road must have resembled like one giant f***ed up lookin' sandwich. Bon appetit.

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