I've always heard that your taste buds will change as you get older, but I never noticed any difference so I just assumed that it was a myth, until recently.

Who knew that your taste buds do actually change as you get older. I thought it was all nonsense, but now I'm starting to notice a difference when I eat certain foods, and it's really lame if I'm being honest. Why is it lame you ask? For starters, the foods that I seem to be beginning to dislike are sweets. More specifically, cake. How could I possibly not want to eat a delicious cake, with all the icing and amazingness it possesses?

In recent years, I've started limiting or eating very little when it comes to cake and some other sweets. I have found that this does not apply to Oreos, as I will easily eat an entire bag of those with a smile on my face. Where was I? Oh right, cake. I find it funny how my taste buds are selective with their sweets. Cookies pass the test, but cake, muffins, cupcakes, and other things in that realm are now being pushed out of my life forever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm better off without all the cakes, pies, and other treats, but it makes me sad because I used to love them oh so much, but if it's their time to go, so be it.

What foods did you once love, but now you can't eat? There has to be at least one.

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