I've always thought large, empty buildings were creepy, especially schools and churches. They're made for LOTS of people and when LOTS of people aren't in them, you can almost HEAR the hollowness.


A few years ago, when I toured my old elementary school--Masonville Elementary--just before it was to change ownership (it's a Pentecostal church now), I took one last look around. While I had a guide, it was still just the two of us in a great big building NOT designed for just a couple of people. It felt weird.

It was the same feeling I had as a child when there would be some activity going on in the church basement and I'd wander upstairs into the empty auditorium. When silence has that much space to fill, it can be a bit eerie.

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But Mammoth Cave Baptist Church ISN'T a great big church. It's a small country church that's nearly 200 years old and occupies space on the grounds of Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. I thought I'd covered every inch of that park by now, but I would be wrong. I've never run across this old church.

Apparently, I NEED to run across it. And I might need to pick up an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector before I go, in case there are any "disturbances" it could identify.

Why I'm just now hearing about this is beyond me, but Mammoth Cave Baptist Church is reputed to be a HAUNTED church. Here's how you get there.



Ghost hunters who use the name Whits Life for their YouTube Channel did some investigating and right off the bat (about the 1:45 mark) a leaf on the stem of a rose that was placed on a graffiti-covered table starts moving. And so did my skin; I felt it crawl all over me. Nine seconds later, the rose moved again.

I love that at the 9:59 mark, a real live bat joins the fun. How could he or she have possibly known what an appropriate complement to these proceedings he or she would be. Frankly, I wouldn't be very thrilled about sharing an enclosed space with a bat, but at least it's not otherworldly like the ghost of Floyd Collins that seems to answer the trio around the 10:50 mark.


If you're not familiar with the name, Floyd Collins--who is buried on the grounds of Mammoth Cave Baptist Church--got trapped in Sand Cave at the park in 1925. The story spread all across the country. An old movie starring Kirk Douglas called Ace in the Hole was based on the incident. Sadly, rescue workers couldn't get to Collins in time and he perished in the cave.


The Kentucky Ghost Team very recently did an investigation, and the short video they recorded is fairly potent. I don't hear what it says I'm supposed to hear. But I hear plenty of other eerie sounds.

We're not done. Check out the discoveries of yet ANOTHER team from last year.

Ghosts, spirits, things that go bump in the night (and day)...they don't wait for Halloween. In fact, I've always believed you will encounter them when you least expect to do so.

That's what makes life fun.

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