Their goal was to find a plane that crashed back in 1944 at the height of World War 2. It took this group of adventurers two years to locate the wreckage, but back in 2021 they pushed through the brush and the hills of Blue Ridge Mountain and finally came upon the site. The remains of the plane are still there.

According to the Buffalo News, the plane took off from Syracuse Air Force Base in September of 1944. There were three airmen on the flight, that was supposed to cover western and northern New York State. For reasons that are unclear, the plane went down on Blue Ridge Mountain in the Hamilton County town of Benson, near Speculator. It wasn't until nearly a year later when another plane flying over the area spotted the wreckage. The bodies were recovered and the site was left virtually untouched.

Fifty-three years later, a non-profit group took it upon itself to once again locate the crash site so it could be properly memorialized. That moment happened in 1997.

Still, the crash site is very hard to get to, so not many people have been known to visit it over the years. Last year, however, a group of hikers made it their goal to find it. After two days of hiking through the heavy woods, they found the wreckage scattered across one particular are of the mountain.

What remains is an area of twisted metal, but there are parts of the wings, the engine, and some of the landing gear that are still identifiable.

FOUND! Wreckage from World War 2 Cargo Plane in the Adirondacks

The remains of an American cargo plane that went down back in 1944 was located by some adventurers in 2021. It took almost a year for the wreckage to be found after the plane crashed and wasn't officially memorialized until 1997.

The location of the crash is on a remote part of Blue Ridge Mountain, near the town of Speculator in Hamilton County.

Abandoned Ramada Hotel in Lake George is Eerie as Hell

According to the description, this video was taken in the summer of 2021. It claims to be of the former Ramada Hotel in Lake George, although a couple different hotels/motels have sported the Ramada name over the years, it's not clear which one this is. Looking back at some property transactions, it may be a Ramada that eventually become known as the Lake View Inn and Conference Center, located on Route 9N off Northway exit 21. Since no footage looks to have been taken around the building, it's difficult to confirm that. The last photo taken by Google Maps has the road leading to the hotel roped off, so more than likely it's the same place. Perhaps some locals or former guests may recognize the property?

Still, some pretty interesting finds as the explorers take us on a tour of the hotel. It appears all the remaining items in the rooms were pushed out into the parking lot. Old TV's, mattresses, bedding and vending machines line the hotel in the parking lot in a large junk pile.

Inside, the sun room had clearly seen better days - that may have been a restaurant. We can also see a bathroom (urinals) and what appears to be the kitchen. The first floor looks to have been almost completely gutted, so maybe there are plans for this place?

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Abandoned Grossinger's Catskills Resort Hotel "Before and After"

The one time "Queen of the Catskills" was abandoned from 1986 until 2018, when the remaining structures were demolished. Prior to that video footage was captured by JP Videos and others. Here are some of the before and after pictures of Grossinger's in Liberty, NY.

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