Have you been stuck a bit on your golf game and looking to get your score down a few strokes? I am a struggling golfer-wanna be. I stink. I have tried a few tutorials and I have been to the driving range multiple times and I am still not good enough to enter a tournament or to challenge Tiger Woods, even when he is injured.

So I started to look for places to work on my game and my swing, indoors where it is more temperature controlled so I can work on my technique even if it is too cold or too hot.

Here are a few places that were recommended to my by one of my golf buddies (who actually know what they are doing and are tired of laughing at my swing). At their recommendation, I decided to check out electronic or simulator golf trainers.

Here are the places in the Hudson Valley that have electronic golf simulators:

Looking at all of their websites it looks like a simulator will cost anywhere from $22-$30 for a half hour of simulator time and $40 to $55 for a full hour. Each place has info on golf lessons and indoor golf leagues. Is this a good way for me to learn more about golf? If you have tried using a golf simulator and think that it is a great way for a new-be to a want-to-be golfer to learn more about their game, feel free to share your experience with me. Game on!

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