So, I am not exactly sure where this started, but No, liquor stores across New York State are not being forced to closed during the Covid-19 outbreak. Someone at the State level, decided that wine & liquor stores were part of those essential businesses that people need to have!

There has been new announcements saying that other states would be shutting liquor stores for 7 days, to help keep people from leaving their homes and sheltering in place. If you want to read through all of the legal ease of the New York States Liquor Authority declarations as to how the stores are essential and are needed by the residents of the State of New York, click here. Just a word of warning, you might want to have a cocktail or a glass of wine already poured because reading that thing is like watching paint dry.

Will Governor Cuomo change his mind and close stores? That is always a possibility. Some stores have decided to adjust their hours to allow for additional cleaning or to give them time to stock.

Regardless of what store you think you need to go to, see if that store offers online purchasing and curbside pickup or delivery. The least amount of time that you (or the people in the store) need to be interacting, the better, for everyone's health.

Stay healthy Hudson Valley.

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