I could throw out a bunch of statistics about how left-handed people are treated like second class citizens in a right-handed world, but it wasn't until I was talking to a few 'Lefties' and they shared with me their struggles on a daily basis, it made me think a bit.

The first thing that they shared with me is that, for them, everything is backwards. That one statement says so much and makes me think because I think that everything that is considered left-handed is backwards to me.

So in order to learn more about left-handers, they all encouraged me to try doing a few things with my left-hand as my dominate hand. After doing that for a few minutes, I gave up!

If you need more of a reason to try to do things left-handed if only for a few minutes, there is an entire day dedicated to left-handers on International Left-Handers Day, yep this is real, August 13.

Are left-handed people more likely to be famous? Here are a few names you might have heard before,  names of people who are left-handed including;

  • Barack Obama
  • Lady Gaga
  • Julia Roberts
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Oprah
  • Prince William

The above list makes me wonder if left-handed people are genetically pre-wired to be successful or since they are trying to survive in a left-handed world do they work harder at everything that they do, so they are more successful because of that?

Next time that you notice one of your friends is left-handed, ask them about being left-handed, maybe they will give you some knowledge that will give you incite into how they manage to live in what they consider to be a backwards world.

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