One of the silver linings of this global pandemic is that I have decided to skip the big stores and shop in less crowded local stores. Not only am I sticking more closely to my buy local beliefs, I have also discovered some awesome stores. One of them is just minutes away from my house in Poughkeepsie.

If you get on Salt Point Turnpike in Poughkeepsie and keep heading northeast, you will come to the little village of Salt Point. There is a small plaza at the corner of Salt Point Turnpike and Cottage Street, and in that Plaza you will find Hummingbird Ranch. It’s a small store but it’s full of great stuff.

What kind of stuff? Local Hummingbird Ranch honey and syrup. Beeswax candles in all shapes and sizes. Puzzles galore, Christmas decorations, really cute dish towels, cards, tea strainers (I got one shaped like a monkey and it’s adorable), delicious confections, jewelry, toys and more than I can list on one little page. They even have a letter box to Santa Claus that you can drop a note into. And they’ll write back!

You could seriously do all of your holiday shopping in this one little store, and it’s just a few minutes out of town. I’ve been there twice in the last couple of weeks, and not only was my shopping experience pleasant and successful, I also enjoyed chatting with the staff. And just so you know, I never introduced myself and they have no idea that a "radio personality" has been shopping in their store.

It’s a rare thing when you find something that you’re so impressed with that you want to spread the word, but that’s how I feel about this little treasure in Salt Point. Plus they respect social distancing and everyone wears masks. Want to know more? Visit their facebook page or their website where you can also shop online. Or better yet, stop by the store at 59 Cottage Street in Salt Point.

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