The fact is that many of us who will look at the real estate listing for this house at 1017 Bruyn Turnpike in Pine Bush, New York will most likely be looking at it as a dream house. One we would love to own and live in when that long-lost Aunt we didn't know we have leaves us millions.

This Cristi Lee McGeehan Bruyn Estate has been featured on TV many times including on the Discovery Channel and HGTV. It is on the market for just under two million dollars and the truth is for what you are getting, that is a real steal. The estate is 20-plus acres with two stunningly designed homes, one a new log home and the other a historic farmhouse. So many original features remain while the homes and the property have been carefully updated to make them relevant in 2022 and beyond.

Historic Remodeled home for sale in Orange County, New York

PC: Corcoran Country Living AGY Steven Gold and Jason Karadus via Zillow
PC: Corcoran Country Living AGY Steven Gold and Richard Vizzini via Zillow

Even if you aren't in the market for a two million dollar home, you are going to enjoy looking through the photos. Every room gives the inspiration to reinvent and, as they say, upcycle something. All things you could consider doing around your current home to give your house a cool new vibe with awesome old stuff.

You won't look at an old piece of furniture the same way after you look through what designer Cristi Lee and Custome Designed Homes did around these two homes. From the magnetic knife holders in the kitchen to an old desk becoming a bathroom vanity, you are sure to find a lot of inspiration.

PC: Corcoran Country Living AGY Steven Gold and Jason Karadus via Zillow
PC: Corcoran Country Living AGY Steven Gold and Richard Vizzini via Zillow

Houses Full of Cool Upcycled Ideas You Can Do at Home

Designer Home Featured on TV For Sale in Orange County New York

Property is being offered for sale in the Hudson Valley near Shawangunk Ridge which has two homes on the grounds designed by Cristy Lee McGeehan. The homes have been featured on TV. The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and others have featured this property where Hudson Valley historic homes meet modern stylish renovations with a whimsical twist to the past. Every inch of this classic property has been brought to life with the new design touch.

Log Cabin For Rent in the Catskills, New York

Cozy Catskill Cabin

This Catskills secluded log cabin offers room for 6 inside and 28 acres to spread out once your go outside. This is the perfect place to gather with friends for an adventure in the woods. The handmade cabin comes with many modern features but also has a cozy cabin field. There are porches to sit on, trails to travel, and watering holes for swimming.

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