This seems like a no brainer but as a reminder.

As we all think about planning out a nice trip into the great outdoors in the Hudson Valley the Department of Environmental Conservation has announced some principals that we all need to follow when we are out.

According to News 10, the DEC recently posted some photos of trash that was left behind by visitors to some popular waterways and trails. The photos serve as reminder that we all need to "Leave No Trace" when we visit.

To do that, the DEC released the Leave No Trace principals that include,

"Carry out what you carry in. Don’t leave trash, food, gear, or personal belongings behind.

Trash your trash. Use designated receptacles or carry your trash in a small bag so you can throw it out at home. Never put trash in outhouses or porta-potties.

Use designated bathroom facilities when available. If traveling, use the rest areas closest to your destination before you arrive.

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, take extra precautions when picking up trash you find on the trail. Wear gloves and make sure to hand sanitize when you are done."

On a side note, if you do wear gloves as suggested, let's make sure that when you take them off when you get back to your car, you throw them away in a garbage can or remove them in your car and take them home with you where you can dispose of properly.

If you do plan on visiting any of the Hudson Valleys incredible trails and such, please follow these easy and pretty simple guidelines and lets keep our area beautiful for many years to come.

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