To the frustration of Hudson Valley residents, more "motion picture money" has made its way into circulation, this time in New Paltz, NY. Film and television crews have recently spent record amounts of real money in our area, but are they to blame for the recent influx of fake bills being spent in real life?

Fake Bills in Ulster County, NY

"Be careful New Paltz!", began a recent Facebook post from a concerned parent who shared a photo of a fake $10 bill. "This was given to my 10 year old son as change of a $20 at a New Paltz establishment. I hope it wasn't intentional but who knows these days."

Was this purposely done by the store to take advantage of a young child, or was it an innocent mistake from a busy cashier? Furthermore, how did it get there, to begin with?

Facebook/Utaa Robert Maddock Skeeng
These fake bills were found on the side of the road in Beacon, NY (Facebook/Utaa Robert Maddock Skeeng)

"Motion Picture Money" in New Paltz, NY

The comments were divided as to where the blame should be assigned. "I doubt the people at the place truly knew that it was a prop bill: those things actually feel real," said one New Paltz woman. "As someone who has been a cashier, it happens! Especially if it’s a busy time," offered another.

Some weren't so convinced. "That bill would not feel the same. No cashier would take that bill or give that bill to anyone!", read another comment. Either way, it doesn't answer the most important question: who put the bill into circulation in the first place?

Facebook/Earlton Hill Country Store
A fake bill passed in Greene County, NY (Facebook/Earlton Hill Country Store)

While the "prop money" can be purchased online by anyone, many fingers are being pointed at the film and television industry. In another recent counterfeit encounter in Greene County, NY (above), blame was seemingly placed firmly on their heads, with the HVFC theorizing that while "actors are supposed to turn in their props at end of the day... I suspect someone innocently pulled out and paid with this Motion Picture Money."

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