Many companies are taking advantage of you being in self isolation to offer huge online sales. As you check your email throughout the day, you are seeing more offers showing up in your mailbox. Are you even looking at the emails before you delete? Are you fantasy shopping? Have you actually made a purchase?

The company Spanx, was founded in 1998 by the current CEO Sara Blakely. When she started the company she did it because she was cutting the feet off her pantyhose, because she wanted something that would just "smooth her out a little" like her pantyhose did, but she wanted to wear them with her capri pants, thus she cut the feet off. Little did she know that this would cause a fashion revolution.

Spanx is one of those companies who is offering great savings opportunities right now.

Here is what happened when one woman tried to get into a waist cincher. Please note, you might want to turn the audio down if there are kids in the room. This woman lets the F-bomb fly a few times. 

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