True beer lovers know the taste of locally produced beverages. Craft beers not only taste fresher but they also have a special story behind them, especially when they're made in the Hudson Valley.

Have you ever had food or beverages that were made by a celebrity?

Personally, I don't believe that I have ever consumed something that was made by Hollywood's biggest stars. I know that Jennifer Garner's company is Once Upon A Farm and Bethenny Frankel owns SkinnyGirl.

One of Hollywood's favorite celebrities makes their own beer in the Hudson Valley.

Since the Hudson Valley is filled with endless opportunities for ways to enjoy ourselves, it makes sense that celebrities would also want to be a part of this. From unique restaurant choices to beautiful views, hiking trails, and fun events at different shops and wineries, there's something for everyone.

We have heard of celebrity sightings in our area and that some of them reside not only in New York State but also in the Hudson Valley.

Kelsey Grammer makes his own beer in the Catskills.

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Have you ever watched Frasier or Cheers!? You may know him by his stage name, Frasier Crane.

I wonder if my radio career has any influence on growing up and watching Dr. Crane gives his listeners advice on his radio show.

Faith American Brewing Company was founded by Kelsey Grammer in 2015.


Kelsey Grammer dreamt of having property in the Catskills. This dream has come true along with the idea of making beer of all varieties. The beer is brewed at an old dairy farm.

Grammer's excited to bring together the community and revenue to the town. 

"May fortune smile on this venture and the good people of our town, these mountains and our blessed nation. Free of shame and without apology, we thank God for the abundance in our lives and for this opportunity." -Kelsey Grammer

Faith American Brewing Company currently has 3 beer options available.

Faith American Ale, Faith American IPA- Calico Man (India Pale Ale) and Faith American Blue- New England Style India Pale Ale are 3 beer options by Kelsey Grammer.

Grammer visited Barton Orchards to show his support for this locally owned farm after they experienced a devasting fire.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Hundreds of smiling faces showed up to see one of their favorite celebrities. Kelsey Grammer was on site chatting, hugging, pouring beer and lifting the spirits of those who attended.

Barton Orchards was thankful that he stopped by. Everyone left with smiles on their faces and a happy glow all thanks to Grammer who made a difference in hundreds of lives on one special day.

I performed a taste test on Grammer's, Faith American Brewing Company's beer at Barton Orchards.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to meet Kelsey Grammer at Barton Orchards. He is one of the nicest, grounded, thoughtful and compassionate people that I have ever encountered.

It was heartwarming to talk to him one on one and also share some laughs.

Which beer was my favorite? Faith American Ale.

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Faith American Ale- This beer is super refreshing, easy to drink and very tasty. I would imagine this would be perfect to drink on a warm, summer night.

Faith American IPA- Calico Man (India Pale Ale) This beer is perfect for fall weather. Being an IPA, it brings a lot of flavor and leaves notes of caramel on my tongue. 

Faith American Blue- New England Style India Pale Ale This beer is perfect for those who love IPA's. However, I also enjoyed the hint of blueberry that this left on my tongue.

Will you try Kelsey Grammer's beer, Faith American? Have you ever had a celebrity owned product? Let us know.

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