I realized that August isn't over yet, but it is never too early to plan your Halloween happenings. Some events require you to think ahead so that you can take advantage of everything they have to offer. The Catskills Halloween City Getaway at the Blackthorne Resort is just that type of event.

Blackthorne Resort via Facebook 10-28-2019

It's 3 Big Days

For three big days in October, the Blackthorne Resort transforms itself into Halloween central. This fantastic family-owned resort in East Durham, New York is popular year-round but has become known for it Halloween hijinks. Join them for spooky good fun and more from October 22 through October 24, 2021.

Who's Behind the Scenes?

The Blackthorne Resort has teamed up with The Steampunk World's Fair, Evil Expo, In Goth We Trust, The Giant Robot of Blackthorne and Keys Cutlery to bring you Catskills Halloween City. It is a full weekend of Halloween entertainment, food and of course fall foliage.

What is there to do?

Catskills Halloween City is family-friendly and dog friendly. They invite you to come in costume or come as you are, they want you to be comfortable. There is a Haunted House "Massacre Mansion", there is plenty of candy, if you are a grown-up there will be spooky cocktails curated by the author of The Villainpunk Cookbook, you can even get your picture taken with the Giant Steampunk Halloween Robot. Can you say, coolest Christmas photo card ever?

Blackthorne Resort Robot via Facebook 9-5-2019

Along with the weekend at the resort, there is also The Halloween City Vendor and Oddities Market. This would be the part of the weekend where you get to shop. If you have never been to an oddities market you might want to do some research before you go. It isn't your typical market but that doesn't mean you won't find something to take home.

Want to be a Vendor?

The Facebook post for the Market says  "If you want to get to know creators and curators of the world's most wondrous weirdness and most fascinating creations, JOIN US!" I think that sums it up pretty well. If you are interested in being a vendor you can inquire about a spot.

Want to Spend the Weekend?

Catskills Halloween City offers a variety of packages for the weekend that include your stay at the resort (don't wait to book, rooms go fast) plus different entertainment packages and of course a chance to go to the vendor market. You can make a weekend of it or just come for a day.  Click here for ticket and event specifics.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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