K9 Pietro is a member of the Carmel, NY Police Department and now will be extra safe out on the force. The men, women and dogs who are part of law enforcement here in the Hudson Valley go above and beyond to help keep us safe, One "furry" member recently received a special donation to help them stay extra safe on the streets.

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Which member of the Carmel, NY Police received a special gift?

Carmel Police Department Facebook/Canva
Carmel Police Department Facebook/Canva

K9 Pietro just might be the cutest member of the Carmel, NY Police Department (sorry everyone). Recently the Carmel Police Department put up a Facebook post and it mentioned how K9 Pietro was gifted a new vest to help stay safe while on patrol. How kind and thoughtful.

Who gifted the vest to K9 Pietro?

We want to give a BIG thank you to the Covais family who made the donation. Thank you for being so generous and helping out. It really stands out these days when someone is that caring and considerate.

More information can be found on the Carmel Police Department Facebook Page. If you are in the Carmel area and see K9 Pietro out and about, a nice pat on the head is a great thank you for the service...maybe a Milk Bone too. Stay safe out there everyone.

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