Winter Storm Watches are in effect for almost all of the eastern parts of New York. Parts of the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York could end up with 2 feet of snow!

On Sunday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul urged "New Yorkers to prepare this weekend for a significant snowstorm."

Capital Region, Central New York, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley and North Country Residents Told To Prepare For Snow

New York Lt Governor Kathy Hochul Visits New York City School
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Hochul says the snow is forecast to impact the eastern regions of the state beginning Monday and continuing through Tuesday night.

"Widespread areas of the Capital Region, Central New York, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley and North Country Regions could see up to 18 inches of snow during this time period. Higher elevations in the Capital and Mid-Hudson regions, where the most accumulations of snow are expected, could receive more than two feet of snow by Wednesday morning. The Western New York and Finger Lakes regions may see up to eight inches of snow as a result of the storm," Hochul's office said in a press release.

Rain mixed with snow is expected Monday morning. Heavy snow should start Monday evening and continue falling through Tuesday night.

Power Outages Possible For Hudson Valley, Upstate New York

Section of Midtown And Upper West Side Of Manhattan Loses Power
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Snow will be wet and heavy. Winds could reach up to 45 MPH on Tuesday which increases the chances of power outages.

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"This winter storm is a multi-day event that will make travel extremely difficult and dangerous in parts of NY. New Yorkers living and working in the eastern part of the state, especially the Capital and Mid-Hudson regions, should pay close attention to their local forecast, limit unnecessary travel, and plan ahead for power outages," Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jackie Bray said.

New York State Residents Told To Avoid Travel


Gov. Hochul is telling New Yorkers who live or work in the impacted regions to "avoid any unnecessary travel as slippery surfaces and reduced visibility will impact commutes Monday evening, all day Tuesday and likely Wednesday morning."

The National Weather Service issued Winter Storm Watches for the entire eastern part of New York State, north of New York City.

"New Yorkers should prepare now for a weather system set to bring significant snowfall to the eastern parts of the state, particularly for areas along the Hudson River and around the Capital Region," Hochul said. "I have directed state agencies to prepare emergency response assets and be ready to assist local governments if needed. Anyone in regions that will be impacted by the storm should prepare for two or three days of snowfall and hazardous travel conditions."

New York State Is Ready

bulldozer removing snow
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New York State is ready to deploy the following snow and ice equipment if needed:

  • 1,617 large plow trucks
  • 154 medium duty plows
  • 52 tow plows
  • 344 large loaders
  • 37 snow blowers
  • 1,489 generators
  • 536 chainsaws
  • 964 portable Heaters
  • 39,948 MREs
  • 552,260 bottles & cans of water
  • 9,105 cots
  • 9,641 blankets
  • 11,220 pillows

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The New York State Thruway Authority is ready with:

    • 357 large and medium-duty plow trucks
    • 11 tow plows
    • 68 loaders
    • More than 117,000 tons of salt on hand

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