A woman was left confused after her friend, now a bride-to-be, became irate with her for sending her a photo of her engagement ring before being popped the question — despite the friend explicitly telling her to do so.

On Reddit, the woman explained she did what her friend asked her to do and sneaked some photos of her pal's then-future engagement ring while out ring shopping with the friend's boyfriend. However, after she sent the photos as requested, the friend accused her of ruining the "surprise."

"I (31F) have known my friend (32F) since school. She has been dating a guy (33M) for three years and we pretty much knew he was going to propose, they had already discussed getting married a few times. She gave me a list of possible rings that she liked and told me that he'll probably ask my opinion and this is what she wants. Her clear instructions to me were to show her what he was buying and not let him get anything without her approval," the woman wrote via Reddit.

The woman noted her friend's boyfriend asked her to go ring shopping with him and keep it a secret, but due to her previous promise to her friend, she told her friend the plan.

"He and I went to a few stores and we started looking at rings, it turned out the rings he was looking at were completely different from what she wanted. I tried steering him to what she wanted, but the jeweler told us those were over 3x the price and well over his budget. Now I know my friend wouldn't want something just because it's expensive, she probably didn't know the price difference. So I shot her a text with the situation and she agreed to look at other styles," the woman continued.

When the boyfriend went to get coffee, the woman began sending her friend photos of the rings the boyfriend had been eyeing, so she could help him pick out one her friend would love. The woman "ended up sending her [friend] about 30 photos until [they] found the ring she wanted."

However, when the boyfriend "came back sooner than expected," he caught her snapping photos of the rings and became suspicious. Though the pair eventually picked out the perfect ring, the next day the woman's friend messaged her, letting her know the boyfriend was upset.

"...Her boyfriend felt really bad that I had blabbed and he wanted it to be a surprise. She then told me I shouldn't have said anything to her. I reminded her about her instructions, she said I should have known when he specifically told me not to tell her," the exasperated woman shared.

Ultimately, the woman told her friend to "sort it out with him and not to involve me in other wedding surprises." As the old saying goes: No good deed...

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