A brewery in the Hudson Valley is temporarily closing after a COVID-19 outbreak.

Sadly, another business needs to shut down for a brief period in the Hudson Valley. Mill House Brewing Company announced on their social media that two of their employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Mill House  Brewing Company is located in the city of Poughkeepsie. Because employees have tested positive, they have decided to temporarily close their doors to keep their staff and customers safe.

According to Facebook, the rest of Mill House Brewing Company's employees will get tested for COVID-19 and their facility will be cleaned. It is unclear how long they plan to be closed. The post on Facebook states they could be closed for as short as a few days or as long as a week. Ultimately, they say they will be closed for as long as it takes for people to feel safe.

The post on Facebook reads:

"Let’s keep this short and sweet... as much as we wish we didn’t have to do this, it’s in the best interest for our team and loyal community. Unfortunately, two people on our team tested positive for COVID-19. In an abundance of caution we will be closing to allow the rest of our team to get tested, clean our House, and prepare for when we do reopen our doors; maybe a couple days, maybe a week, whatever it takes for our team and community to feel, and be safe.
We know this is the inevitable outcome that most businesses have or will face until this is under control. We want to thank you all for your support thus far and can’t wait to have you back in our House soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@millhousebrewing.com. If you have a reservation in the upcoming days, we will be reaching out to you tomorrow. We will miss you, but we’ll be back soon"
Mill House Brewing Company has been getting creative with its business during the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer beer delivery to your home, in addition to their beer drive-thru they've started again. Mill House Brewing Company has also done different pop-up nights, featuring different styles of food.

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