Dutchess County, NY recently had a visit from one of the most elusive predators in the Hudson Valley. One man was lucky enough to catch it on camera.

Predators in New York State

New York State is full of sharp-toothed omnivores, and there are constant sightings of black bears, coyotes, and foxes all over the Hudson Valley. Recently, the NYS DEC even recorded a fisher in the forest adorably playing with bait (in the form of a CD hanging from a tree branch), as well as a marten frolicking in the Adirondack woods. This recent predator sighting, however, was right in the middle of a populated area.

Alex Burr via Canva
Alex Burr via Canva

Bobcats in the Hudson Valley

Dutchess County resident Conor Scahill recently got more than he bargained for when he spotted a bobcat strolling through Stringham Park in Lagrangeville, NY (below). Bobcats, nicknamed "spitfires of the animal kingdom" due to their fearlessness in a confrontation, are no stranger to the park, either.

Conor Scahill
Conor Scahill

Bobcat Sighting at Stringham Park in Lagrangeville, NY

"Bobcat sighting just behind Stringham park in Lagrangeville. This is the second time I saw one here. I saw a different one with a kitten last November", Conor shared. Screenshots from his video (above) show the cat slinking along the perimeter of the park, presumably on the hunt for food. But what to these sharp-toothed predators eat, and are they dangerous?

Are Bobcats Dangerous?

Like most wild animals, bobcats will generally steer clear of populated areas, and will not attack a person unless threatened, although attacks by rabid bobcats have been reported. Bobcats generally hunt smaller animals like birds and mice (check out the trail cam footage above), but will attack prey as large as beavers or even small pigs, so pets left outside at night may be vulnerable.

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