Doctor holding small paper with blood donation time

Are you someone who regularly donates blood, but you haven't been able to do it with the COVID-19 restrictions? If you feel comfortable leaving your house, your blood donation is still needed.

When previously, you might have gone to a blood drive or a blood mobile to donate, you will now have to go to a blood donation center and make an appointment. That is pretty much the changes you will see when you donate.

If you want to donate and are in Kingston or Fishkill (or near them) the New York Blood Center would be happy to set you up with an appointment. Click here for the NY Blood Center locator.

The American Red Cross is also eagerly accepting donations, by appointment only. Click here for locations where the ARC is receiving donations.

If you have recovered from COVID-19 and are looking to donate plasma, both organizations can walk you through the necessary steps for you to do that as well. The need for blood donations is constant, one might even say that it is an 'essential reason' to leave your home.

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