In a matter of seconds, it can happen and be very painful. I'm a hazard on a good day, but especially when I'm half asleep trying to get ready in the morning. I usually curl my hair during the week and use a big barrel curling iron to get the job done. The other morning I was getting ready as usual, but the morning took a rough turn.


What happened?

I had my curling iron on the sink and part of it was sticking out. Of course, I was not paying attention, moved to grab something, and COMPLETELY burned my leg. Ugh, I can still feel that moment just talking about it. Right now there is this huge patch of burnt skin and it's very warm to the touch.

What exactly happens when you get a burn?

burn is tissue damage that can be caused by the sun, flames, chemicals, electricity, and more. There are also 4 stages of burns when it comes to the skin and they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-degree burns, ouch.

How do you treat a burn?

There are a few different suggested methods:

  • bandage the burn
  • apply lotion to it like aloe vera or cocoa butter
  • apply a cool, wet cloth to it

I've tried all of these methods and it really isn't making much of a difference. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to help it? Anything that might be herbal or a little different to help? Send any suggestions on the station app, thank you.

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