Known for their award-winning barbeque, Handsome Devil has found a new home in the Hudson Valley. After an exhausting two year search that saw seven potential locations fall through, they've gotten lucky with number eight.

Handsome Devil has acquired the building at 3 Corwin Court in Newburgh. Built-in 1989, the more than 5,400 facility once housed Advanced Medical Imaging PC. They will now get to re-imagine the space to suit their needs.

Having been a mainstay in the Hudson Valley restaurant, catering and barbeque circuit for many years, in the summer of 2019 Chef, Ed Randolf of Handsome Devil took it to the next level when he became a Chopped Champion on the Food Network.

Randolf is an author too, you can check out his book Smoked where he gives you the 'inside scoop on the country’s best barbecue joints and the grilling legends behind them, as well as their iconic recipes for you to try at home.'

Plans are to start renovations when the shelter in place is lifted so they can get the pits fired up and the barbeque cooking. For updates, you can follow Handsome Devil on Facebook.

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