The creative geniuses at Angry Orchard Innovation Lab in Walden, have done it again. They are going to make our Spring and Summer awesome! They just launched two new hard ciders for 2021, in cans!

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Let me share, if you haven't tried the cocktails, wine or hard ciders in the can, you have not lived. Ok, that could be a bit dramatic, not only are cans just easier to make magically fit in the fridge? They take up less space in the recycling, and I think they are easier to put into a cooler to then be able to enjoy at your destination.

So, back to the new flavors and when you can actually get them in stores! There are two new offerings, a peach-mango and a strawberry. Both of the new beverages start with the Angry Orchard original cider as a base.

Here's what the head cider maker for Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House, Ryan Burke had to say about these new little gems and how they came to be:

"At the Orchard, we're always exploring new ingredient combinations and cider making techniques to continuously evolve our offerings across the Cider House and our national portfolio, too. Using a complex blend of traditional cider making apples as our foundation, we've found the addition of vibrant fruits like peaches and mangos can bring some subtle tart notes into the fold for a bright, really flavorful and easy to drink cider. It's a careful mix that allows all of the fruit in our new styles of cider to shine."

Where can you get them? Check the places that you know are currently selling Angry Orchard, you should find these two new ones on shelves shortly. Cheers!

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