Hey there old buddy, how are you holding up? I know you've been used more than ever over the past few months, but I promise brighter days are ahead.

If anybody deserves a standing ovation for their performance over the past 12 months, it's my couch. You've really been there for us during this pandemic. Despite all the extra time you've had to endure my chubby butt sitting on you, you've always maintained your comfort level and keep me snug as I binge watch and eat snacks.

I know you were used to having the days to yourself, allowing you to rest up in quiet before our next movie night or video game session. I'm sure like most of us, you're tired and wish this pandemic was over and things could return to normal. We'll get there soon enough.

You have done an amazing job of upgrading your services to include a comfy place for Google Classroom meets and business meetings. I do promise that we'll get you some extra stuffing to rejuvenate you to your original self, and why not, how about a nice shampoo, sounds good right? We'll hook you up.

At the end of the day, I want my couch to know how much I appreciate the services that it provides, and continues to provide during these trying times. The perfect pandemic combo, sweatpants, and my couch, an amazing duo, maybe the best to ever be.

What are you grateful for during this pandemic? Have a special chair? Favorite blanket? What brings you comfort?

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