The world may not seem very safe right now. We see the news, and it's a bit scary. But if you're looking to raise a family, where's the safest place to raise a child in the country? How about New York state? Save the Children released their Global Childhood Report on where America's safest places to raise children are. Some of the results are a bit surprising.

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The group used four key factors: per-capita deaths before age 18, per-capita teen pregnancies, food insecurity and the high school dropout rate. NBC says this was the first time Save the Children broke down the results down county by county.

According to the results, Hunterdon County in New Jersey topped the nation for child safety. New York's safest county? Putnam ( which also ranked #35 in the country overall). For the rest of New York state, Westchester was #4, Dutchess #8, Orange #11, Ulster #14, Greene #15, Rockland #18, Columbia #23, and Sullivan at #35.

Now, if you're having kids, you might want to avoid Kusilvik County, Alaska. They ranked dead last in the country at #2617.

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