The holiday season fills us with happy memories, gatherings to look forward to and joy from the magic of Christmas. I get excited to decorate, shop for my loved ones and take part in all of the holiday traditions. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. This year has probably been one of the hardest ones thus far as the entire world has felt a level of uncertainty. I say, that we do what we can to share the magic of Christmas, spread holiday cheer and do an act of kindness, or two.

There are plenty of things that we can do to raise our spirits and channel our inner child. Follow this holiday guide of how to get into the holiday spirit below, it worked for me!

  • Make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie

Whether it’s a Hallmark movie or a classic such as Rudolph, taking the time to slow down is important. I love curling up with a cozy blanket and a warm drink to watch a feel good, Christmas movie. I don’t always allow myself to do relaxing things that’s why I embrace the holiday season as it reminds me to take a breather and live in the present moment.

  • Take a drive and look at holiday lights

This is one of my favorite family traditions. Ever since I was little, we would always drive around and look at holiday light displays or visit local businesses that would put on a light show. The Hudson Valley is such a beautiful place to live all year long so we should take advantage of it. There are plenty of drive-thru, holiday light festivals and displays to enjoy this holiday season. I can’t wait to go to one this week.

  • Decorate your space

The other night, I put on Christmas music and brought out my Christmas ornaments to put onto the tree. I truly felt as if I was channeling my inner child by picking out the specific ornaments that brought back happy memories. Whether you decorate a tree, the inside of your space or put up lights outside, I’m sure that you will find a sense of happiness through whatever it is that you choose to do.

  • Turn on holiday music

I have been doing this since the day after Thanksgiving and it truly makes my day so much brighter. I find myself singing along to feel good classics and it instantly feeling happy. You can tune into 94.3 Lite FM, the Hudson Valley’s Christmas Music Station, they are your ho, ho, home for the holidays!

  • Give back

Giving back all year long is super essential but even more so during the holiday season. Whether you choose from a giving tree in a local church or mall, every little bit mattes. You can also donate your time, food or monetary items to local animal shelters. Homeless shelters are also another place that you can consider donating to as well.

  • Bake goodies for yourself or loved ones

The other night, I was excited to bake cookies. There’s something about the smell of fresh baked goodies that makes everything right in the world. If you aren’t the best at baking, buy the slice and bake ones like I did, ha-ha. If you are a professional baker, consider sharing the love with others. My neighbor brought over some fruit and holiday treats the other day. Small acts of kindness make a difference and are contagious, in a great way!

  • Make a holiday craft

Growing up, I used to color and I thought to myself, why would I stop? Adult coloring books have made their comeback and I thought it was such a great idea. Coloring allows us to relax and channel our inner child. Around the holidays, I also like to decorate gingerbread houses. My decorating skills aren’t the best but it’s a lot of fun and I get to eat it after. If you don’t finish eating your gingerbread house, your furry friends outside are a fan of all of those goodies.

What do you typically do to get into the holiday spirit? Share this list with your friends and family to make their holiday season filled with love, laughter and joy.

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