Have you been hearing about a winery in California that is hiring for a person to live at their winery for a year, shadow the wine maker for a few months and then you can pretty much decide after that which area of the winery you want to work at or in, or not at all. The winery will pay you to do this. Of course, you would have to apply and then move across the United States to the West Coast.

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You know what they don't have on the West Coast regardless of what the NY Times says, they don't have great pizza and their bagels are not fit for human consumption. Yes, they do have wine, great wine in fact, but so does New York! New York is in a slight, yet healthy competition with Washington State for who produces more wine each year.

Ok, it is easy to know that the number one wine producing state in the nation is California, try everything. The number two wine producing state is Oregon, known for their seductive Pinot Noir's and then Washington State known for Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah dukes it out with New York for number three. Come on, we all win because there are some great wines to be had out there!

So it got me to thinking, if this winery in California was hiring, there had to be wineries in New York hiring too, right? So here is what I found for wineries here in the Hudson Valley with current job openings:

Have you ever thought about working at a winery? While I am sure that it is a lot more than standing around all day drinking wine, you have got to have the opportunity to meet people from all over, as well as learn a great deal about wine. Cheers to you if you apply for one of these jobs or just love visiting our great Hudson Valley wineries.


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