Have you ever volunteered before? To some people, it may seem as if it is a chore and to others, they look forward to it. Volunteering at this event is something that everyone could look forward to. I find it rewarding to take time to help someone or something.

I used to volunteer at a local humane society taking care of cats. It was very rewarding to care for them, form a special bond and find them the most perfect fur-ever homes.

Volunteering at a festival that includes alcohol sounds like the ideal day to me. You could join in on this fun as well.

Located at Barton Orchards in Poughquag, the Hudson Valley Cider Festival will have all ciders, seltzers and sours around.

As a volunteer you will pour samples of choice to the attendees. You would even have the chance to sample the products yourself. My favorite part of the being a volunteer at this event entails getting your very own t shirt. If a free t shirt is involved, count me in,

If you are interested in signing up, fill out this form and we will get back to you to volunteer your time by having fun at the Hudson Valley Cider Festival.

Click here to fill out the form.

Check out the following reasons to volunteer at the Hudson Valley Cider Festival.

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet new people. Coming together for a common cause or event forms a sense of community. I always think about the like minded people I will meet in my life when similar interests are met.
  • Volunteering is a mood booster. Do you ever feel good when perform a good deed or help someone out? There’s a sense of fulfillment, purpose and happiness. Studies also show that volunteering lowers stress levels.
  • Volunteering can bring forward career opportunities. Overall, this shows a positive impression upon meeting someone for the first time. Having volunteer experience on a resume can show that the volunteer is caring, responsible and wants to help others.
  • By volunteering your time, you could learn a thing or two. By trying something new, you may learn something about yourself that you never knew you could do or enjoyed doing before. 
  • Most importantly, volunteering can be fun and enjoyable. Especially during this event, you can hand samples out, sample for yourself and even grab a t shirt. Trying new things is great for evolving and growing into a better version of yourself.

Are you excited about this event? We hope to see you there.

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