We have just wrapped up two weeks of watching the 2020 Olympic Summer games (which took place the end of July 2021 to the beginning of August 2021) but everyone still has Olympic fever.

That's not a baaad thing to have. Yes, there will be goat puns. No kidding. 

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) has come up with a great fundraiser idea that was started during pandemic of 2020. The idea behind it was to create a fundraising activity that everyone goats time for. What is this great idea? The Goat Games.

Yes, this is 2nd year that this is taking place, and they are even going to invite everyone to the opening ceremonies.

Each of the 11 participating animal sanctuaries has a "Goat Champion" that everyone rallies behind. The Goat Champion of CAS is "Chester."

You can cheer for Chester, and be a can be apart of this unique fundraiser. Everyone who participates gets to select from one of 10 animal sanctuary charities to help raise money for (here in the Hudson Valley it is the Catskill Animal Sanctuary).

You (our you and your team) can participate in any activity, walk, run, hoola-hoop, TV binge watching or maybe even your own e-sports competition, there is no limit to what type of event you can do and since this competition is virtual, you can do it over the course of the week or you can do it in one day.

You can raise money by asking your friends for donations or by pulling together as a team.

Want to help out one of the sanctuaries without participating in the "Goat Games?" You can do that as well. Donations are welcome at any of the 10 sanctuaries.

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