Thinking about staying local for college? There are two colleges here in the Hudson Valley that have made yet another Top 10 list. Why are they on this list (is it a good thing)?

The list this week was compiled by the group College Consensus. The schools at that made the list this week, did so because of their achievements in many areas.

According to College Consensus founder Jeremy Alder, "Similar to what Rotten Tomatoes does for movies, College Consensus gathers the publisher rankings and student reviews from around the web and distills the results into simple, easy-to-understand scores so students can quickly and easily compare schools. It is the ranking of all rankings, so to speak."

Vassar College in Poughkeepsie made the list for being one of the Top 10 schools in the state for Traditional Learning. Marist College made the list for being one of the Top 10 schools for their online learning programs.

Have you attended either one of the above colleges? Which programs did you participate in? Do you agree with them making the list of the Top 10 lists for best colleges in the State?

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