It's Spring! Never has there been a more pivotal time to fuel our bodies with a plant-based diet of fruits and vegetables to navigate the powerful planetary aspects of this Spring Solstice. Everything is energy–and the foods we choose now will have an even greater impact on our vitality. In addition to providing clean energy, plant-based foods, especially fruits, will as act as your “nutritional talisman” by preventing burn-out from cosmic influences beyond our control.

The solstice is offering us the opportunity to review the relationship we have with ourselves and others to improve the way we engage with the world. With Venus in Aries until the 14th of April, the influence will bring boldness and playfulness to how we express our energy. Venus (love, aesthetics, and money) in Aries trine the Midheaven (career and public arena) asks us to review the first impression we make, to reflect how we want to be seen, both personally and professionally. The no-nonsense and directness of Aries( ruled by the first house, associated with identity, which reflects how we present ourselves) will support us in standing our ground and creating better boundaries when relating to others.

The energy that we project in the world is connected to the choices we make to fuel ourselves. The vitality provided by these fruits will support your sign to navigate the celestial influence to build your vision. Eating the following fruits according to your sign, will enhance your vitality and build your vision for the coming months!

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This is your month to shine and take action. On April 10th there will be 4 planets in your sign! The powerful fatty acids and B vitamins will be key to providing the focus and vitality to match your boundless energy to support all the goals you know you can achieve!

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Synonymous with the regeneration of nature as we enter Spring, your body will need the extra lutein and choline antioxidants found in green Kiwis to help support your heart so that you can be ready for love when Venus enters Taurus enters your sign n April 14th!

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Mars is in your sign until April 23rd, making you feel even more active and offering you the opportunity to play with changing the current structures in your life. Think of Açai as your new bff to support you during this exciting time. The power cocktail of adaptogens and antioxidant (specifically polyphenols) to support your immune system, heart health and brilliant ideas!

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Expanding business and career opportunities through new ideas obtained will be prevalent during this time. This vitamin A and selenium-rich fruit, will be in keeping your eyes bright as you read over those contracts coming you way!

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With Leo ruling the heart and red being one of your power color. Strawberries are just the fruit you need for this dynamic Spring season. Containing 5 of the B complex along with Vitamin C and potassium, Strawberries will renew your stamina so that you can effortlessly take on the world.

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This solstice is asking you to focus on self-care and nurture your body. Pineapple’s vitamin C, manganese content combined with bromelain will

support your metabolism and digestion so that you are recharged and ready for when the sun enters Taurus on April 21st!

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Grapes will be key to maintaining your balance when Venus enters Aries on April 14th! With their high content of antioxidants vitamins K and C, grapes also contain copper to keep your nerves healthy as your zodiac opposite Aries adds fire to the sky!

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Blackberries will be the fruit to anchor you as the Aquarius and Gemini planets pull you in multiple directions. Scorpio’s are known for their resilience and intuition. The regenerative properties of blackberries will be your nutritional power boost to transform the change coming your way into powerful building blocks for the year ahead!

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Thanks to the Sun, Mercury and Mars in your fellow fire sign, Aries, you will feel a GIANT lift in your relationship and career area. Mango will be your power fruit for the season. High in Vitamin A, folate and C, will give you the vibrant fuel needed for the inspiring ventures awaiting you!

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Capricorns are known for their ambition, discipline and implacable work ethic. The Spring solstice is now making you take a break! Watermelon’s antioxidant content of Lycopene and hydrating properties to replenish your energy levels so that you may take on the career opportunities offered in May!

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Blue is the power color of Aquarius and blueberries are just the fruit you need for this season. The rich pigment in blueberries is due to their high content of anthocyanin, which supports your cardiovascular system so that you may take those quantum leaps towards building your dream for the year ahead!

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Pisces is regarded as one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. Your super fruit this season is Goji berries! In addition to being superfoods that are great for the eyes, Goji berries offer immune support and help regulate blood sugar levels. This nutritional support will be essential with the fast-paced planets of the spring solstice!


This is a great time to push forward with your long-awaited plans. The dynamic aspects of Mars sextile Jupiter and Venus sextile Midheaven are compelling us to look at the way we express our energy and the impact of our actions. Mars (ruling energy and drive) in Gemini sextile Jupiter (ruler of big business, freedom and higher education) in Aquarius will support our progress with new ideas and knowledge to progress with our plans.

Wishing all The Beet readers a vibrant and healthy Spring Solstice!

Francesca Vuillemin XO

Francesca Vuillemin is an astrologist who specializes in progressed astrology. She empowers her clients by providing a practical understanding on how to manage the strengths and challenges of these planetary influences. Visit her website for more on her approach.