Are you tired of seeing ignorant, uninformed, and straight-up wrong information being spread on Facebook about COVID-19? There's a way to fix that but still be friends with them on Facebook.

I don't know about you, but it is exhausting to scroll through so many people's posts about COVID-19. It's especially exhausting when about one-third of them are sharing false information, talking about conspiracy theories, and just straight-up admitting that they don't socially distance or wear a mask. It's really tiring, and I don't want to be *that guy* who gets into a Facebook fight. So if you're like me, or are just tired of seeing any person's posts, I have a solution.

This isn't anything new on Facebook. I'm not trying to say I've revolutionized social media here. But you may not know this is an option. If you want to stop seeing someone's Facebook posts, but still be friends with them, there's an easy solution. All you have to do is snooze someone for 30 days.


To snooze someone, you can see what you have to do above. You click the three little dots on someone's post on your newsfeed in the upper right corner of that post. When the menu drops down, just select "Snooze for 30 days". They won't know you did this, and you'll still be friends with them. Sometimes, this is just the easiest way to give yourself a break and not worry about hurting anyone's feelings.

You can do this for any person. Don't worry, the person above is just a stranger from a group I'm part of on Facebook. They weren't annoying. don't care why you want to snooze them. For me, I saw two people sharing things on Facebook that were blatantly wrong about COVID-19 and I didn't feel like dealing with it. SNOOZED.

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