A massive overhaul of each of the New York State Thruway's 27 rest stops will get underway after the $450 million project was approved by the Thruway Board of Directors Tuesday. According to a press release the current service areas were constructed in the 1950s and last upgraded in the 90s.

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The rest stop construction project was announced in 2018 as part of Governor Cuomo's State of the State and will now be moving forward. After a Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued, Empire State Thruway Partners was chosen to manage the project. The 33-year contract includes two phases of construction. They will then manage the Thruway's operations including maintenance for the duration of the contract.

The first phase will begin in 2021 and cover 16 service areas while the second phase will start in 2023 and will cover the remaining 11. No two consecutive service areas will be closed for renovations at any time. 23 of the 27 service areas will be rebuilt while the remaining four will receive significant renovations.

The new buildings will provide entry from both the parking and fuel station facilities. Additional outdoor seating will be added as well as Taste NY farm markets, picnic areas and play areas, as well as additional space for pets walking.

Environmental initiatives include solar panels built into the roof and parking areas. The new service areas will have rainwater harvesting, will be irrigation free, and be low maintenance overall for landscaping.

As far as those big 18 wheelers you see on the Thruway all the time. There will be new amenities for drivers including showers, laundry facilities, and even a fitness center.

So what do you think are the New York State Thruway rest stops ready for some upgrades?

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